Building the next 100 years on

The world we envision 100 years on is a world where people with different origin, race or languages can live anywhere without disadvantaged; this we believe is the real meaning of globalization.

The message behind our name and logo

How do you think you pronounce our name “Og”
Some people may simply say that this must be the initial of the founder’s name. Alternatively, one may believe that Og means “Original Gangster”. You can also take O as 0 and interpret this as Zero-Gravity or Zero-gram.

Correct answer is none of the above and we simply call our company “ogu” (in Japanese romaji)
We are not restricted to one idea and we would like to look at things from many different direction, this we believe is how we can create services that far exceeds people’s expectation; this is the message behind our company name. Having said this, the concept of Zero-gravity And Zero-gram is not entirely incorrect, we believe this idea is engraved in our corporate culture as well. We would also like you to look at the meaning behind this name from many different direction and make your own interpretation.

Imagine, if the outer circle is earth or a universe, if we think of it like that, Og part looks as though its floating because there is no gravity. We can also look at it differently and see that it looks bit like a traditional Japanese family crest.
Just as we did with our name and the logo, we will make sure that our services are global in the true sense. This means that we want to make a company where everyone around the world will recognize and view positively – this is the dream of the two founders who met in Ogu in Tokyo has set.


Becoming bridge between the World and Japan

2014 – Established Og Co. Ltd with my childhood friend and started the Sakura Mobile business.
With my friend from childhood, I founded Og and started a new company under the brand name of “Sakura Mobile”. Right now, there is a surge of foreign visitors coming to Japan, but not all are tourists, some are exchange students and some are coming for work, but whatever reason they are here for, I would like everyone to go back home having enjoyed Japan and wanting to come back again. I would love to work together and achieve something great with anyone who, with the Japanese concept of “Omotenashi” want to work globally and influence the world.

CEO Tomoki Sunaga

Born in 1984. Born from Nishiohisa Arakawa-ku, Tokyo. After graduating from high school, I moved to the USA, and attended San Diego State University, California, Majoring in information systems. After graduation, I returned home to Japan succeed a family business in the food industry in 2009. There, I experienced in import and export, food production, and management in a Thai factory using English. However, with the East Japan great earthquake hitting the headquarters in Japan, I had to go back home to support restoration projects. After that, as I always wanted to create an IT company, I decided to do start up in IT.

Representing Japan

I grew up watching in admiration, Japanese football and baseball team competing out internationally and my dream therefore was to be in sports and represent Japan in the world. However, I grew up this dream slowly disappeared and I just led a normal life.

As I started new business with my partner who was also my childhood friend, I came to realize that despite Japan being developed, we did not have many services offering internet access for foreign visitors. Even the companies that existed had spelling and grammar errors in their website and they did not offer any English support at all. I came to feel great disappointment to the fact that foreign visitors in Japan did not have adequate access to internet, which is an essential service today. We created Og and Sakura Mobile to once and all sort out this problem.

Sakura Mobile has now grown big, and everyday many people are enjoying our service. We worked hard every day to get to this position and we are very much delighted with all the support our customers and friends had given. In a way we believe we represented Japan in terms of telecommunication, just like a national sport team representing their own country do, we take pride in this and would like to further develop our business knowing that we are representing Japan to the world.

Director Kosei Shimoda

Born in 1985. Born from Nishiohisa Arakawa-ku, Tokyo.


Conmany Name Og inc.
Date Established February 28 ,2014
Representative Tomoki Sunaga
Head Office 〒160-0023 Otakibashi Pacifica Bld. 9th Fl. 7-10-18, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Contact Tel: 03-5937-5868
Capital 9,000,000yen
Number of Employees 45 (Including part-time workers / as end of March 2024)